The land of PYRA

It’s high time I finally began to write. I was wondering where to start from. So, the best way is to tell you about the area of Poland I live in. I come from a small town near Poznan – which is the heart of Wielkopolska. Why did I call it the land of Pyra? And what Pyra is? Well Pyra is simply a nickname of a potato but also a nickname of every single person born in Poznan – just as they call New Zealanders’ kiwis. As I was born in the city I feel myself as pyra.  The name also defines a person’s personality and behaviour as they say – I’ve heard some rumors that we sing instead of speaking – not with my voice.  As my webpage is going to be devoted to the places situated within the region of Wielkopolska and the regional food, I will soon update it with some nice traditonal recipe’s from my family’s cook book – the first one is „pyra z gzikiem”. Sounds weird? Intersting? Well, no matter how difficult the pronounciation of it is – the recipe is quite simple – all you need is potatoes and some cottage cheese.


jacket potatoes

cottage cheese



linen oil – yes, the oil also is also popular in our region


So all you have to do is boil the unpeeled potatoes.

Mash the cheese a bit with a fork, add some cream and season with salt.

Don’t serve the potatoes with the jackets, peel them first.

Serve potatoes with cheese, pour some linen oil on top of the cheese.


I’ll make sure to post some nice pics of the dish.




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